Chronic Pain Tip #1

Have you ever thought about meditation, and deep breathing?

Meditation calms the mind, sitting still and thinking about something nice and soothing, like looking at the water in the pool or seeing yourself on the beach.

Or a walk in the park. Find that favorite bench. This changes the thoughts away from pain.

You are relaxing, and all you feel is a calming sensation. Your mind is now concentrating on something other than you. When you do this your brain will release natural pain relievers called endorphins. Your joints and muscles are more relaxed.

That constant pain, if only there was something you could do to help elevate it.

This is a better way for pain management. Yes, you can go to your Dr. get medicine to take.

How long will you have to take it? What does it do for you? I am not saying do not go to your Physician, we need them. It is that we can help ourselves a lot by just learning how to care for our own body.

How do you learn to meditate? No, you do not have to sit in the floor with crossed legs.

If I did that I would have to crawl to the chair and pull myself up. Senior problem.

Find a comfortable chair, a quiet place somewhere you like to sit. Take time to get comfortable, just close your eyes. Try to close out all the noise around you. How long start with 10 minutes if you can. 15 to 20 minutes is better. You will know by listening to your body.

There has been several studies and a lot of research on Meditation and how it can help to control pain. One study found that after 3 days of 20 minutes of Meditation of 20 minutes a day reduced pain significantly. Along with Meditation is learning how you breath.

What about deep breathing. What has that got to do with pain, a lot with every breath you take sometimes you feel sharp pain. Let us look at deep breathing.

It’s called abdominal breathing; deep breaths relax the muscles. When you combine meditation and deep breaths with relaxed muscles, the tension and stress slowly go away.

How do you breathe? I know through your mouth and nose. To know you are doing it right fined a comfortable place a big chair or lay down on the bed or couch, put one hand

over your stomach and take in a long breath through your nose and notice your stomach rise.

Then expel the air through your mouth, slowly. All the while your mind is calm.

Muscle relaxation practice on tensing each muscle and releasing each one, this goes along with deep you take a breather you kind of tighten a muscle before you expel the air.

During this time, you should not be thinking of anything, other than a calming in your mind. And the pain will be gone. Honestly, it does work. It takes time and practice.

Another technique is distraction. It can move your thoughts away from the pain. Soothing music, visualize a walk by the beach, read a book, if you can do gardening that is good. Sewing, and

Woodworking, play with, a cat who likes to help with the computer. The more things you can think about, it will help to divert the pain.

One of our biggest problems is we concentrate on our problem and pain. We are all guilty of that I am not saying that it is easy, no it takes concentration and at the same time we can help ourselves. My Dr. sent me to a spine clinic, 2 herniated disk and very crooked

spine to scoliosis the specialist looked at my x-rays and said cannot help you. I could have an injection for pain, but he said I would hurt any way. Guess what I did not go for it.

Recently Meditation has become a popular technique to manage chronic pain. The reason is so you focus and acknowledge your thoughts and pain and feelings. And hope this will change your outlook on your life.

Let us summarize what we have talked about. Meditating clearing your mind and thinking of peaceful nothings, learn to breath right, relax the muscles, spend at least 10 minutes a day on just yourself. You deserve it.

If you already Meditate and know how to do this, just think more about what you can do for your pain. If you have not started, there are classes you can attend or there are a lot of books. I started with this book 3-Minute Meditations. It’s a daily 3 minute retreat.

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